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Behind their Denims: Max Chesnut

Glacier rivers, Norwegian villages, and moody snow-capped mountains are just some of the things that you'll find in taking a visit to Max Chesnut's Instagram profile, @ExploreWithMax. This globe-trotter, photographer, and elephant enthusiast is a must-follow for travel inspiration and a daily dose of serenity in your newsfeed. Luckily for aspiring photographers, Max is keen to share his wisdom offering week-long photography tours in the world's most breathtaking corners such as Iceland, Norway, and Ireland. 

OD: Tell us a little about your photography tours, where did you get the idea? 

MC: So each photo tour is a 7-day adventure focused on exploring some of the most beautiful places around the world like Iceland, Norway, and Ireland. The idea came from my first trip to Iceland where I had a friend say they would love to explore these amazing places, but have no clue where to start. So I thought hey I know all the amazing photo spots, accommodations, and best times to travel, why not take care of all of that so you can just come out to shoot, explore, make friends, & learn. 

OD: What is it you enjoy about teaching others? 

MC: So I have actually been teaching since I was 14 with skiing & snowboarding at my local mountain and I fell in love with seeing my students excitement when they finally got a new trick or made that first turn. Same goes for teaching photography when I see my students get stoked about learning. 

OD: The images you are able to capture make me want to apply for all my leave and trade in my iPhone for a DSLR, what kind of experience with photography do you recommend for participants? 

MC: Haha ahh I love hearing that and such a good question. So the best part of these tours is the fact that it doesn't matter if your an iPhone shooter starting out or a full-blown professional with a new Sony a7rIII these tours are for you. I work one on one with each client to set learning & shooting goals during the trip so you get the most out of each day. Some of my favorite shots from the last Iceland tour I shot on my phone like this one of the adorable Puffins. 

OD: Tell us a little about the camera that you are using at the moment? 

MC: My current set up is a Sony a7III with the 16-35 f4 & 50mm f1.8, DJI Mavic Air, and my Google pixel2 with a Moment 18mm lens that I have fallen in love with and I use for all my Instagram story shots & video. 

OD: Describe your 'personal uniform' for a day in the field. 

MC: My Personal Uniform is classic all black all the time, with my black Dusty Jeans paired with a black Citizen Wolf long sleeve tee push up to the elbows and a pair of Van Sk8 MTN's. The reason for this is because not only do I need flexible and comfortable while shooting, but I don't want the colour of my clothes to affect the shot and If I had bright colours on you might see it. 

OD: Your Outland Denim Dusty Jeans have been accompanying your journey recently, what is it about this style that you are drawn to? 

MC: Hands down the comfort, durability, and fit. Honestly, I wear my Dusty jeans nearly every day because I haven't found a pair since that fits me perfectly. Not only that but the fact that Outland Denim empowers women and fights human trafficking. 

OD: How do people interested in joining a photography tour find out more? 

MC: The best way to sign up for an upcoming trip is to visit my website and apply on the post on the front page or check out the link on my Instagram @EXPLOREWITHMAX. 

Interest peaked? Max is offering $250 off photography tours when you mention Outland Denim. 



Mountain in Iceland photographed by Max Chesnut

Village photographed by Max Chesnut

Hut in Iceland photographed by Max Chesnut

Road in Iceland photographed by Max Chesnut

Village in Iceland photographed by Max Chesnut

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