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Black Denim Care Instructions

As the very first wash we created, our black denims hold a special place in the Outland story. And for good reason - is there anything more timeless and versatile than black denim jeans?

Our black denim range is designed to fade over time. Ageing beautifully with wear and washing, they truly get better with age.

They aren't like most black denims. They have been dyed with zero harmful chemicals, and the most sustainable black dyes on the market today.

This means that they just need a little extra love on laundry day, to preserve their longevity and to ensure that you get to enjoy your favourite pair of jeans for as long as possible. So, here is our simple guide to caring for your black denim jeans:

1. Wash Less

Denim ages better when it is washed less. Wash once every 10 wears, or as needed. As a bonus, annually you save 2000+ litres of water washing monthly vs. weekly.

2. Wash Cold and Gently

Over time heat will cause fading or damage to your jeans. Wash denims on a cold gentle cycle with gentle laundry detergent.

3. Remove ASAP

Avoid letting your black denims linger in the washing machine too long, this can cause their beautiful natural fade to appear uneven. 

4. Air Dry

Air dry denim in the shade once removed from the washing machine. Also avoid ironing. Any creases will iron out naturally after a few minutes of wear.

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