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The Dirty Side of Denim

As part of our Sustainability Report Series, this journal entry delves into the highlights of our 2020 Sustainability Report. Read the report to learn more about the positive environmental and social impact your purchase can have. Full download available here.

We aspire to revolutionise the way jean manufacturing is undertaken. We are constantly researching and developing projects with partners globally to break ground on reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and consumption. Our own state-of-the-art Wash and Finishing Facility is already using market-leading water, power and chemical reducing methods in the processing of our jeans. Our strict supply chain criteria ensures each of our raw material suppliers shares in our values and demonstrates leadership in sustainability

While we still have a way to go, our aim is to create a manufacturing eco-system and product lifecycle that turns our environmental impact into one that leaves the planet in a better place.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), there are links between the exploitation of people, and ‘ecocide’ (i.e. the “destruction of the natural environment, especially when deliberate”). Climate change acts to exacerbate inequalities, insofar as vulnerabilities to climate change coupled with global economic forces are more likely to send people into poverty. In this way, sustainability is more than just environmental. Sustainability is social, environmental, and economic.

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