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Into the fray

If you’ve flicked through a magazine, scrolled through Instagram, or gone outside lately, you may have noticed that distressing the ankle of your denim is essential this season. Not only is this look completely DIY-able, it is also super quick to achieve.

Measuring tape
Fabric scissors
A quick un-pick
Pins or fabric chalk
5 minutes of ‘me time’

What you’ll need:

1. While wearing your denim, use a pin or fabric chalk to mark on one leg seam where you would like the ankle to end. For accuracy, you may want to have a friend help you with this.

2. While not wearing your denim, measure along the seam from the bottom of the jean leg to your pin or chalk line. Our measurement was 3.5cm, but this will be longer or shorter depending on your leg length.

3. Using the chalk or pins, mark the same length on the inside seam and outside seam of both legs.

4. Using the fabric scissors, cut along your line.

5. Put your denim back on. Double check that you are happy with the length and adjust if necessary.

6. Using the quick unpick, start pulling threads from the ankle. The more threads you pull, the more distressed the look.

7. For fraying that is even all around the ankle, use the quick unpick to slowly and carefully collect and pull out one thread at a time, trying not to break it as you pull. For more of a random messy look, feel free to go a little more wild with your unpicking by tugging the thread with the quick unpick in order to break it.

8. Rub sandpaper along the edge of the ankle to give the denim an aged look.

9. Pop them in the wash. Line dry.

10. Now go show off your new #frayeddenim to the world!


Pinning jeans

Cutting the hem off jeans

Using a quick unpick to fray jeans

using sandpaper to fray jeans

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