Made On Purpose, made by Serhat Şen

With a passion for sustainability, Serhat moved from his home in Turkey to join the Outland Denim family at our new, stand-alone Wash and Finishing Facility, where we put the finishing touches on your jeans, including fades, distressing, and whiskering details.

Leading the design and development of our denim wash recipes, Serhat creatively brings to life the vision of our design team, while ensuring our wash processes align with our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing. When he's not experimenting in creating new Outland Denim washes and effects, he is passing down his 9 years of experience and expertise by training our growing team in the art of denim finishing.

Tell us a little about the process of developing a new denim wash; which aspect of the process do you enjoy most?

 You need to have strong intuition to make a strong design come to life. Our processes and recipes are designed to show a true reflection of wear, and maximise the longevity of the jean. It’s rewarding when the image of a new Outland Denim wash in my head finally comes to life.

What excites you most about the addition of the new facility to Outland Denim’s supply chain?

It’s exciting to witness and be a part of a brand that is passionate about truly sustainable washing, and some of the ground-breaking research we are undertaking. The addition of this facility will not only allow us to produce a beautiful product for our customers, but will stand as an example of best practice in denim dying for the fashion industry as a whole.

Which denim wash is your favourite to wear this season

‘Worn’ is without a doubt my go-to wash. The minor distressing and fading featured in the fabric, give the wash character and a well loved, aged look.

Click here to read more about Outland Denim's new Wash and Finishing facility.


Outland Denim wash and finishing facility

Outland Denim wash and finishing facility

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