Outland Denim is launching an equity crowdfunding venture!

We’ve spent Outland Denim’s formative years building infrastructure, our brand, and a business model with social impact at the centre. Now, as we look to expand, we expect the next season of growth to be big. 

To grow our business, we could follow the traditional path by seeking out private or venture investment. Or, we could blaze our own trail and continue to grow a brand built to benefit both people and the planet.

We always envisioned Outland Denim to be ‘the people's brand’ and so now we are offering the opportunity to buy shares in our company. We are thrilled to be able to offer the incredible opportunity of equitable investment to you – our community and customers who have been monumental to the growth of this company.

For our manufacturing facilities, our ultimate goal is to grow. As our operation expands, there is a huge opportunity for us to start producing garments for other brands. In fact, we have already had interest from multiple brands wanting to manufacture within our facilities. For us, it's simple: the more we can grow, the more positive, life-changing opportunities we can create thereby protecting more people from modern slavery, exploitation and poverty.

Visit our Birchal page or attend one of our QLD, NSW, or VIC information events to learn more about your opportunity to own a piece of the world's most sustainable denim brand!


Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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