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Reducing vulnerability through opportunity


As part of our Sustainability Report Series, this journal entry delves into the highlights of our 2020 Sustainability Report. To read the full report online now, click here.


Freedom is why we exist, and we love sharing with you some of the incredible stories of freedom that come from employment with Outland Denim. By purchasing from us, you’re providing safe and stable employment opportunities to our team. You’re providing holistic support to people of vulnerable backgrounds. You’re providing financial freedom to an individual and their family. To provide these opportunities is what we live for, it's why we exist.


Before working at Outland Denim Neary told us that she did not feel she had purpose. Now working at Outland Denim, she says that she has not only a job but financial security. She feels valued for more than just her work. Neary says that she has made lots of friends who care about her, she has learnt to understand others.


To us, it’s important to measure the impact employment with Outland Denim has on our team, to know the true impact of your purchase and our model on the lives of staff members such as Neary. We interview each staff member when they commence work with Outland Denim, and again after six months of employment. Staff who have experienced situations of vulnerability to exploitation are assessed as to whether employment with Outland Denim has been part of changing their level of vulnerability. 



Approximately 76% of our Cambodian team have come from exploitative situations or from a position of vulnerability to being exploited, and, as reported in our 2020 Sustainability Report, 85% of formerly at-risk Cambodian staff are now at a reduced exploitation risk level after only 6 months of employment at Outland Denim.
This is the point of it, this is denim for freedom. Our aim is that as a customer, you feel empowered and free wearing our products, knowing the opportunities and freedom that our seamstresses can now enjoy by having made them for you.
Download the 2020 Outland Denim Sustainability Report now to read about the incredible impact your purchase has had. Full download available HERE.

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