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Trailblazers: Tiffany, Founder of Nikkou Store

Trailblazers are passionate, spirited people in our communities - people with purpose, wearing denim made on purpose. We want to show our jeans being worn by real people who share in our values. in the way they are really worn, whether that be customized, distressed, cut, tailored, or splattered with paint. We want to share their stories, talents, and passion with you.

Introducing Tiff, founder of Nikkou store in sunny Casuarina on the northern coast of NSW. 

Tiff, what draws us to Nikkou store is your shared value of women’s empowerment, and filtering this value throughout the way your business is run. What women were an inspiration to you in the early days of Nikkou?

In the early days of Nikkou I was empowered by women making it on their own; Lara Worthington, Zulu & Zephyr's Candice Rose O’Rourke, my best friend Sophie and her new baby girl Poppy and my mum. Mum is the word. 

Why was it important to you to for Nikkou store to live in the Casuarina Community? What do you love about this part of the coast?

Working with creatives in the community and beyond (thank you Instagram) is honestly what gets me ticking. To be able to throw around ideas and have ideas and values thrown upon you is so invaluable - it's what drives success. I used to hate asking for help or what others thought about my ideas but once I broke down that barrier I discovered a whole new world of kicking butt.

It is way more exciting being able to share your success within a small town community. I love that I know my customers so personally, I see their children grow, I see them when I’m doing my grocery shopping or down at the beach going for a swim. There really is a sense of family when you live in a small town. Everyone is looking out for one another and the support fills my heart daily. I have mapped out my dream life and I have Casuarina to thank for this. 

What drew you to Outland Denim? Why does the brand resonate? 

I was blown away by the Outland Denim story. I could have stocked a million and one other denim brands to carry in the store but it was the bootstrapping story behind Outland Denim that had me sold. It was also the personal experience and relationship that I received from Matt your General Manager. He believed in my vision and trusted I would sell the denim with the same values that Outland had, he listened to my feedback and worked closely with my order to ensure I got it just right. The deal clincher was when he drove down from Mount Tamborine to my home on the Gold Coast, I had invited over a few girlfriends of all shapes and sizes to try on every single style that Matt had brought with him. I mean, there are not many brands that would go to such extremes for their clients. I loved this and it was exactly why Outland resonated with me, I ensure I go to great lengths for my customers and Matt was doing the same for his. 

What is your denim go-to, your denim uniform?

Denim is my daily uniform. I honestly have to force myself not to pull on a pair of jeans when I get ready for work. Right now during these cooler months I am loving the Rachel boyfriend jean paired back with a leather jacket and open toe boots. 

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Founder of Nikkou Store Tiffany

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