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Wise With Water

As part of our Sustainability Series, this journal entry delves into our 2020 Sustainability Report. To read the full report and learn more about the positive environmental and social impact of your purchase, download here.

The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. In using Laser, Ozone, and E-Flow technology, we're able to create denim garments with significantly less water than conventional methods. Depending on the requirements of each design, each denim wash requires a different level of water use. Our design and textile experts work together to bring designs to life with less reliance on water use

Wait a second, but what is e-flow? And why are we now talking about lasers? Both good questions. E-flow is the leading technique for transferring wash recipes to denim. Laser is the most environmentally friendly way to create character on denim. Ozone is the greenest oxidising agent available to denim. Before patting ourselves on the back, we want to make a commitment to you. We promise to continue investing and developing processes to further improve our environmental bottom line. So, what can you expect from Outland Denim in the future?


- Develop on-going water management program for Finishing Facility

- Provide water and safe sanitation education to Outland Denim staff and surrounding communities


- 100% recycled water to be used in Wash and Finishing Facility

- Implement a closed loop water filtration system

- Track the environmental impact of every garment through the Wash and Finishing process by using 3rd party Environmental Impact Management scores 


- Remove 100% of irrigated cotton in the production of our garments. Investment in this area will help achieve the Royal Government of Cambodia National Action Plan goal of ensuring every Cambodian has access to water, sanitation and hygiene by 2025

The best part? We still end up with premium denim that will be with you for years. If you’re interested in buying better, see out our newest range of soft, lightweight organic chambray here.

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