Author: Athina Cantle   Date Posted: 16 April 2018 

Skinny jeans have certainly had their time to shine; more seasons than a trend is usually privileged to hang around. But while we still love our skinnies, it's no secret that straight leg denim has been promoted to season staple.

But skinnies have been the routine for so long that making the transition to straight cut feels like making a major career shift in your mid-30s; I'm excited for the change, quite experienced, but am completely out of my comfort zone, and hoping I don't need a Masters Degree to pull it off.

So here's our guide to getting it right and keeping those fashion faux pas to a minimum.

1. Fake it till you make it with a power heel: A smart heel will gift you with legs for days. A wide-heeled mule, loafer, pump or stiletto will give this traditionally casual cut denim an air of sophistication. For this season we recommend a wide-heeled, white ankle boot as seen on many a famous foot this past New York Fashion Week.

2. Style as relaxed as your attitude: Sport a flat, sandal, Saltwater or Birkenstock for that summer holiday vibe, with a cane crossover bag and beachy hair that doesn't care.

3. Show off your waist: contrast the relaxed silhouette of your denim by emphasising your waist. A camisole, bustier, sports tee, or classic shirt styled with a full tuck and belt will do the trick. To give the illusion of an hourglass figure, opt for a top with a ruffled bust or off-the-shoulder sleeves.

4. Be bold like a Leo: Repeat after me. 'Relaxed on bottom, tight on top'. Take this little rule to the extreme with a classic black leotard. United with denim and heels, this look is perfect with Fri-yay drinkies followed by a visit to the dance floor.

5. Get fussy about fit: When it comes to the straight cut, the perfect leg length can mean the difference between faltering and frumpy. About an inch from the top of your ankle bone is ideal. Fray the ankle of your denim to achieve the best length for your leg.

6. Master the half-tuck: Tuck just one side of your silk or linen button up into your denim. Or, alternatively, tie the top in a knot just above your waistband button. Classy yet effortless, this look is a compromise between a fitted and masculine silhouette (think Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing). Good luck finding an occasion that this combo isn't appropriate for…nobody puts this baby in a corner.

7. Vintage inspired: A nod to the 70s, the original wide-leg advocates, pair your straights with a bright summer scarf or bandana wrapped around your messy bun or neck.

8. Mad Men vibes: This season women are absolutely nailing the masculine silhouette. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon by styling your straight leg denim with a long vintage blazer jacket in navy, black, cream, or beige. Not only perfect for the office, this powerful look is sure to have you mistaken for the CEO.

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