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The Most Sustainable Vintage Wash

In designing our latest denim offering, adding an authentic vintage-inspired rigid jean was a must. The challenge was that conventionally, vintage-wash denim jeans require intensive washing using processes that have devastating effects on the environment. We were not willing to compromise our values to achieve the look we were hoping for.

Less Water, Less Energy

During the wash and finishing process, the Amy Former jean uses 67% less water, 46% less Energy, 83% less chemical, and 77% less worker impact than conventional vintage-wash jeans.

Conventional vintage-look denim requires harsh bleaching agents, PP spray, and stone washing techniques that together are highly water, energy, and chemical intensive. 

The Amy Former jean was washed and finished in our stand-alone Wash Facility which is equipped with state-of-the-art sustainable washing technology. Laser technology creates a rich character in the Former wash, and removes the need for water and energy intensive washing. We then use Ozone, the world’s greenest oxidising agent, to give the jean that aged, had-them-for years effect.

Considered Fabric

A combination of natural fibres including organic cotton, recycled cotton, and lyocell makes up Amy’s rigid denim. The fabric’s open-style weave results in a beautiful, rich colour contrast, and allows our wash recipe to react to the fabric faster, and a short wash process means less environmental impact. 

Made up of all-natural fibres (without polyester and elastane), choosing the Amy jean will ensure significantly less micro-plastics are released into our waterways when laundered.

Over time, the fabric will grow even softer and more comfortable. Amy is a jean that is made to last and only gets better with age.


Like all our garments, Amy is constructed with pride and expertise in our Cut and Sew facility, where we offer fair, safe and fulfilling employment to our staff, some of whom have come from some of the most vulnerable and exploitative situations in the world today.

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