Good For Humanity.


One in eight working people on the planet is connected to the fashion industry. Some estimates say one in six. Yet only 2% receive a living wage. At Outland Denim, we believe no one should be impoverished in the making of our clothing. In fact, we believe that fashion can be the answer to vast and crucial social change: creating a cycle of freedom rather than exploitation.


The Outland Denim business model provides the platform, tools and resources for both our customers and employees to create change: to embody the universal need for hope, dreams and belonging (and darn good denim jeans). When our team of seamstresses come to the table to create our products, the holistic support model that underpins all we do ensures that they are well cared for, in control of their work lives and given every opportunity to improve on their circumstances through education, cross- and upskilling, and the payment of living wages. In turn, they are able to share their earned prosperity with their families and the wider community.

Good For Humanity.

Each Outland Denim product is designed to uplift humanity and heal the planet.

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