Good By Nature.



In 2019 we invested into our own wash house and finishing facility to give us greater control over our environmental impact. It is established with leading water and energy saving technology by the Spanish company Jeanologia. This facility allows us to substantially reduce the environmental impact of each individual denim garment that we produce, which is measured through “EIM” technology

We work only with certified safe chemicals, natural indigo dyes, and organic raw materials that have lower impact at the farm level, eliminating harmful pesticides. 

Together with our fully integrated production lines, we are able to create products that have environmental stewardship and the health of human beings at their core.


Outland is inspired by beautiful design and the superiority of a perfectly placed pocket or thread accent. To us, good design means a more meaningful and sustainable garment. Each of our garments is made from premium sustainable raw materials, including organic and regenerative cotton, with meticulous attention to detail. In our view, a superior product means zero compromises. 

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a shared human experience. Good denim offers self-expression, timeless style, and utilitarian function. We cannot imagine life without a worn-in pair of jeans, personified as a trusty faithful friend…our denim travels through life’s journey with us. Our core collection of denim allows our customers to find their perfect fit and silhouette in washes that suit their taste. 

Outland Denim is designed with intention, curated meticulously and executed with precision. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations when they purchase a pair. An Outland garment becomes a source of identity for the wearer. They are made with a story woven into the fabric of their design. This is what sets Outland apart.


We believe that sustainable employment must go hand in hand with the transition to a greener economy, and that both can be part of the solution to modern slavery if done right. 

Our sustained commitment to our core values of creating opportunity for vulnerable people while mitigating climate impacts plays a part in keeping forward momentum for both human and environmental rights. 

Our aim is to use our brand to revolutionise the way jean manufacturing is undertaken; to partner with and lead our industry to reduce our collective environmental impact, and to use Outland Denim as a case study in reducing and, in time, negating and eradicating the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry.

For a deeper dive, you can read or download our sustainability book here.


Beyond the B Corp standard, we only work with suppliers who are able to uphold our sustainability criteria, as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our code has been set upon the foundations of The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and the International Labor Organization’s Four Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

For its part, as a purchaser of goods impacting the supply chain, Outland Denim has also developed a Responsible Purchasing Policy and Strategy. This Policy outlines a minimum set of standards of ethical and responsible behaviour to be met by Outland Denim buyers, including anti-corruption and bribery principles. The Policy is based upon the Ethical Trading Initiative Guide to Buying Responsibly.

Additionally, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals are embedded in Outland's operational practices and vision.

Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand
Outland Denim is a carbon neutral brand


Denim is one of the most universally worn and loved garments on the planet. This is why we chose jeans as our vehicle for social change in the first place: if you could buy a pair that made a positive difference, as opposed to a pair that created social damage, why wouldn’t you? But denim’s impact on the planet has also been catastrophic. So we, and our supply chain partners, have quickly set about cleaning it up; to make denim more sustainable and safe for our customers to wear.


Our Wash House utilises the best water and energy saving technology by Jeanologia, which we consider an investment into safeguarding our planet.


The greenest oxidising agent available.

65% less water*

20% less energy*

80% less chemicals*

*compared to traditional techniques.


The leading technique for transferring wash recipes to our jeans.

95% less water*

40% less energy*

90% less chemicals*

*compared to traditional techniques.


The most environmentally friendly way to create character on our jeans.

Zero Harmful Chemicals

All the chemical agents we use in our range are ZDHC sustainable certified with highest level, Level3 Bluesign.


In 2018 Outland Denim was awarded B Corporation status. B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. B Lab is unique in its ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

With a score of 160.2, Outland Denim is currently one of the highest ranked B Corporations globally. (Source: B Corporation/B Lab)


The quality and integrity of our finished products is only as good as the materials that go into them, so we select only the finest to work with from across the world - from fabrics to trims and accessories. We prioritise the use of organic, natural materials that minimise the impact to the Earth while creating an economic benefit for the people in the supply chain.



Our pursuit of organic denim has taken us to Turkey, where we have worked with our key denim mill and fabric supplier, Bossa, since our inception. Their dedication to their craft and sustainability principles means that we have been able to forge a strong partnership, which has enabled us to verify our full organic cotton denim supply chain from the seed to the farm and mill. 

Beyond denim, we use industry leading suppliers who share our commitment to people, planet and creating shared prosperity.


Outland Denim currently has programs in place for the collection and repurposing of factory floor waste, as well as the collection and distribution of “deadstock”, and the resale of your Outland garments via Airrobe, but a program for post-consumer waste (i.e textile collection and reprocessing) has not yet been implemented. Research into the C02 efficacy of such programs is being undertaken, as well as investigations into other circular economy models.


Extended use of garments is linked to a lower overall carbon imprint. This is why we focus on not only creating jeans and garments that you will love to wear but will wear for longer with you when cared for properly. This means washing every 10 wears in cold water, rather than two. McKinsey notes that a single garment can create value repeatedly (a “value multiplier effect”). We have partnered with AirRobe to help facilitate the resale of your Outland jeans when you’re ready to pass them on to another owner.

Good By Nature.

Each Outland Denim product is designed to uplift humanity and heal the planet.

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