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Outland Denim Sustainability Report 2020

Our first annual sustainability report is now available for you to view and read online

When investing in a pair of Outland Denims you are investing in positive change. You are taking us up on our promise to create an impact on your behalf.

Covering June 2019 - July 2020, this report reflects our definition of sustainability by including our social, environmental, and economic achievements from the past 12 months. We also outline goals for the future, short and long term.

2020 highlights, to be covered in detail, include:

  1. 100% leather-free as we are transitioning all leather patches to jacron paper.
  2. 85% of formerly at-risk Cambodian staff now at a reduced level of risk to exploitation after 6 months of employment at Outland Denim.
  3. Reveal of Maeka, a proprietary technology to expand and transform the fashion industry through manufacturing for socially conscious brands.
  4. Up to 86% less water, 57% less energy, and 83% less chemical used in our Wash and Finishing facility compared to conventional methods.
  5. 82% Natural Raw Materials used in the past 12 months.
  6. 250kg biodegradable cassava bags replaced plastic poly bags for international transport of garments.
  7. Launch of Outland Denim onsite Health Clinic & Education Centre.
  8. 94% direct supply chain traceability meeting strict social and environmental criteria. 
  9. Launch of the most sustainable vintage-look denim on the market.
  10. 750 people, including staff and household members, impacted by stable employment with Outland Denim.

At Outland Denim Freedom is our DNA. We hope you read this report and have hope that despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented to the world, purpose-driven-business that puts people and the planet first is the way forward.” said Outland Denim founding CEO James Bartle.

Download the 2020 Outland Denim Sustainability Report now to read about the impact your purchase has had. The full report can be viewed here.

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