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We Wear Australian

What is WeWearAustralian and What does it mean to us?

We Wear Australian
We wear our heart on our sleeve and values in our jeans
We wear an outreached arm, to pull others up and others us in turn
We wear resilience
We wear hope
We wear a megaphone, to amplify the voices that aren’t heard near enough

Born on an Australian mountain top almost 10 years ago, our foundations were built on helping those in need. To revolutionise fashion’s dirty history - to rewrite the story. With our feet firmly planted on Australian soil, we have a heart that beats globally, with an adopted home in Cambodia, a global supply chain and a vision of change for humans across our planet.

Ethically made with human rights in every stitch, each garment is made to be worn with pride, knowing it has transformed the life of the person who made it.

Which is why we are proud to join the We Wear Australian campaign - a movement of Australian brands, designers, and customers, joining together to use the power of the clothes we wear to make the world a better place. 

This Spring, with over 100 fellow We Wear Australian members, we are partnering with Thread Together to deliver new, good quality clothing to Australians who are doing it tough. 

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