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Black Friday isn't a Dirty Word

Black Friday isn’t dirty. The current state of the fashion industry is.

Black Friday sales do have a problem, but they aren’t the root issue. The root issue is the way our clothes are made; by exploiting the people who make them, and the planet. These are the issues that Outland Denim exists to solve.

By disrupting the ‘normal’ way of making clothing we can enrich people’s lives and the planet too. We see a day where business (even the odd sale too) can be the solution to some of the greatest social and environmental issues we face today.

This Black Friday, let’s harness the power of consumerism for good.

This Black Friday, your purchase can help clean up the fashion industry.

This Black Friday, you deserve denim that feels amazing to wear and also makes the world a better place.

Enjoy 30% off store-wide. Friday 27th - Monday 30th November.

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