Supply Chain.

We use industry leading suppliers who share our commitment to people and planet.

While sustainability is rightfully the forefront of conversation in fashion, the industry generally focuses on only the final stages of production. We don’t often stop to think about the earlier stages of production or consider, ‘Who farmed the cotton that made my clothes?’. The size and complexity of fashion supply chains means that the traceability of each tier becomes more and more opaque. With less traceability, workers at the very beginning of supply chains, like those working on cotton farms, are at the greatest risk of exploitation. Our pursuit of organic denim has taken us to Turkey, where we have worked with our key denim mill and fabric supplier, Bossa, since our inception. Their dedication to their craft and sustainability principles means that we have been able to forge a strong partnership, which has enabled us to verify our full organic cotton denim supply chain from the seed to the farm and mill. Beyond denim, which represents the lion's share of our overall material composition and consumption, we use industry leading suppliers who share our commitment to people, planet and creating shared prosperity. You can view our full supply chain here.

Good By Nature.

Each Outland Denim product is designed to uplift humanity and heal the planet.

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