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Your Outland Impact 2021

It’s time to celebrate the impact your Outlands had this year.

The stories of life-transforming change, diving deep into how your clothes are made, every step of our supply chain, the projects being worked on behind the scenes, the goals we kicked, the ones we didn’t, and everything in between.

Here is just a taste of what you’ll find in this year’s Outland Denim Impact Report:


Growing Our Team

Despite the pandemic we welcomed even more people to our team, with a 38% increase in total staff and a 50% increase in staff in Cambodia.



A Breakthrough in Supply Chain Traceability

We achieved 100% traceability of our organic cotton denim - our primary material. A breakthrough 7 years in the making and a level of traceability that is almost unheard of in fashion!



Tackling Textile Waste

We progressed beyond the lab trial stage to the commercial pilot stage of our textile waste program, and welcomed 852 new Outland Denim investors to help us realise this potentially industry-transforming vision among other projects.

Accessible Healthcare through the Outland onsite Medical Centres

97% of surveyed employees report now having access to health support and advice they can trust.

Less Water, Less Energy, Zero Harmful Chemicals

97% of Outland Denim washes are categorised as ‘Low Impact’, as measured through third party Environmental Impact Measurement criteria. This accounts for all except 1 of Outland Denim’s washes, which measures in the ‘medium impact’ category.

Worker Rights Advocacy and Education in Cotton Farming Communities

This program, aimed to support the earliest and therefore most vulnerable stages of fashion’s supply chain, has reached 3.8 Million people, received over 240K engagements and over 300 calls made to worker concern hotline.

Holistic Education as part of the Outland Employment Program

80% of surveyed employees reported education and employment with Outland Denim had helped to improve their financial security.

47% of surveyed employees have reported an improvement in their Khmer Literacy levels since working with Outland Denim.



Measuring Emissions

We conducted our first emissions audit to gain an understanding of the full carbon impact of our business, from the farm to the factory to our logistics and the homes of our customers, to set us on a path to a Carbon Positive future.


"We’ve always seen business as a force for good and our approach to Thankyou when we first started still remains the same today - it wasn’t about starting a business that could also do some good in the world. It was about using business as a means to right a social injustice."

Explore The Outland Denim 2021 Impact Report

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