The Outland Manifesto

What are we?

A movement united by the pursuit of freedom.

1. Passion for Humanity  

Freedom and liberty are the core of Outland Denim. Our passion for humanity and equality drive our every action. We also know that with freedom comes responsibility. These two things go hand-in-hand. This is why we move towards freedom for all people; it’s a responsibility to our fellow humans and our mandate.

We choose to celebrate the irreducible value of humanity by championing the vulnerable. Freedom isn’t a buzzword at Outland; it is a call to work. We do this day-by-day, changing the landscape of global business practice as we re-write the rule book. We uplift and advocate. We rebel against a ‘them and us’ mentality and believe in only ‘US’. An outward focus and faith in humanity’s potential underline our philosophy.


2. Empowering Freedom 

Outland’s passion for humanity is purposeful. It is focused directly at empowering freedom. We have found that our operations as a business are successful when we operate out of this passion and love. Outland isn’t a hero company seeking high rank or validation. We consider ourselves to be the platform to empower the people who we co-labour with. We partner with our customers and seamstresses in order to provide tools and resources for a better life. 

Our full-circle model demonstrates how directly connecting the customer to the maker informs positive change. Together is the only way this model works.


3. Movement of Change 

We are a fashion movement for change. Outland is inspired by beautiful design and the superiority of a perfectly made garment. In our view, superior means zero compromises. We strive to change the fundamental wrongs of a system built on exploiting both people and the planet. 

We believe consumerism can be harnessed for good. For too long, fashion has come at the expense of the people making it. It has cost their freedom and the earth. Outland offers a new cycle of empowerment. It’s simply set in motion by purchasing from our brand. The power to change is in the hands of our customer.


4. Dream with Scale

We’re not afraid to dream, to think differently… even if it’s Outlandish. We don’t shy away from the big idea, nor reduce it with pessimism. Nor are our heads in the clouds. We are grounded but look with optimism to what could be. What if by creating fashion you could empower the people who need it the most? What if you could heal the planet and turn back the damage we’ve inflicted? What if instead of always taking we could create a cycle that gives? What if it works?

We marry our dreams with pragmatic ideas and hard yakka. We don’t have all the answers or solutions... yet. But that’s our dream and our commitment, and we are well on the path. We are not deterred by the setbacks or the roadblocks; we are driven by our passion for people, our desire for freedom, our vision for change. Undeterred, uncompromising, passionate, hopeful and already on our way. Our feet face forward and that’s where we must go.


5. Design with Intention

For Outland Denim, a great story is not enough; it has to be paired with a great product. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a shared human experience. Good denim offers self-expression, timeless style, and utilitarian function. We cannot imagine life without a worn-in pair of jeans, personified as a trusty sidekick, an ol’ faithful…our denim travels through life’s journey with us.

Outland denim is designed with intention, curated meticulously and executed with precision. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations when they purchase a pair. An Outland garment becomes a source of identity for the wearer. They are made with a story woven into the fabric of their design. This is what sets Outland apart. Each garment declares, “I contribute to change. I empower freedom, I belong to that tribe!”


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