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Why We Do Denim

Jeans are like the sky; predominantly blue, always there and they take up half our view no matter where we look. 

They’re the kinda thing we take for granted yet also would be utterly lost without. 

Can you imagine Earth without a sky? Try and imagine our society’s sartorial landscape without denim... 

When NASA takes a telescopic photo of earth from space, you know that blue atmospheric haze around it is denim, right? Well, denim and some other important stuff, but the point is, jeans are as ubiquitous as they are desirable.

Reportedly, the average American woman owns 7 pairs of jeans at any point of time. About 2 billion pairs are made every year. Most of these are truly sub-par on a human and environmental level. Have you seen the doco River Blue?

The thing is, if those jeans were made in a way that didn’t cost the earth (literally) or human lives, the world would be a much better place for it. There would be more peace about our pants. More freedom of movement (in denim). Less slavery. 

So we set about creating denim products with dignity sewn right in. The idea being that if you had a choice between a pair of denims that were the same price and superior quality but vastly different in their material make-up, you would choose the pair that were made without a hint of human rights abuse or environmentally compromised standards; the pair that actually improved the quality of life for their makers. 

Wouldn’t you?

We are hedging our bets on the innate goodness of humanity to choose right.

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